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About Us

Started as the UK's first ever specialist BMX shop in Hindley, Wigan in 1981, we have moved premises and grown over the years. Our love of all forms of cycling led us to expand beyond BMX in 2004 and we are now dedicated dealers for Cannondale, Scott and GT brands.

We believe when you purchase a bike you shouldn't have to go back with a list of stuff you need to buy for it make it suitable for your needs - that's why we try to tailor every bike to suit you. If you want a hybrid style tyre on your mountain bike for a commute then no problem. Likewise with things like stem length, mudguards etc. After all you wouldn't spec up a new car then go back to upgrade the wheels and interior after you've bought it, would you? Speak to our team here and we'll be happy to help & advise and provide you with a quote there and then for exactly what you need.