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7iDP Project 23 Carbon Full Face Helmet Raw Carbon/Gloss Grey

Brand: 7iDP

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Brand: 7iDP

7 Protection (7iDP) Project 23 Carbon - Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Whether you're racing Enduro or DH, getting in laps at the bike park, E Biking or hitting your local trails, the Project 23 Carbon will keep you protected.

The carbon fibre shell allied to our new S.E.R.T (Seven Energy Reduction Technology) energy management smart foam reduces impact energy transfer to the brain by up to 20%.

To ensure you stay cool and comfortable 23 big bore vents offer no compromise through-flow ventilation. The Carbon P23 is also super-light weighing just 945 Grams (Size L).

  • Manages impact energy that can be transmitted to the brain in the event of a crash
  • Provides rotational force management
  • The overall focus is on energy transmission management

Developed at our Prolab facility on Vancouver Island, our Project Line is the result of endless hours spent designing, developing and testing in some of the harshest and most demanding MTB riding spots on the planet.

We’ve tested all Project lines to destruction and are confident that they’ll provide you with the reassurance that when you do have a big spill – we have you covered.

CE/CPSE/ASNZ/ASTM 1952 certified.